Danae T.

Danae -I greatly enjoyed the video and the clarity of the presentation for the handgun / concealed carry. I appreciated the speckles of humor as well. Thanks, Dae

​Timothy M.

Timothy - Excellent web site and service! I wish Texas where I hold my CHL had the same facility and excellent on line instruction available! I am not a licensed instructor but I unofficially teach a lot of people so that when they do go the class to get their Texas CHL qualification certificate they feel more at ease are more acquainted with the safe basics of shooting. You do a great job of teaching and both my son in law and daughter commented on the excellence of your video presentation! Thanks for your service!

Penny O.

Penny - Thank you after talking to you last night. I was directed to getting licensing in the states I needed. You are good!!!!!  Thank you again, Penny O.

Benjamin P.

Benjamin -Appreciate the video on the cc. Finished it, great video. Took test, aced it thanx to your great coverage of the material.

James C.

​James -I am a police officer in Ohio and am often asked to do firearm talks. Did you create your power point or is it part of your State’s program. It is by far one of the best I have seen.  


      US-FTA - Thank you for your comments.  US Firearms Training Association LLC created the video you viewed. 

James -Thank you very much!!!  Jamie

     US-FTA - You're welcome


Terry H.

Terry  - "My wife and I live in Washington State and we wanted a CHL for travel and work in Portland.  Since we are out of state residents I thought we were going to have some issues with Oregon.  With the Oregon Concealed Handgun License Certificate, and instructions from this site, everything was approved with no issue.  We visited Multnomah County Sheriff's office on Burnside for prints, pictures and handed over a copy of the certificates we printed that Robert emailed to us and got our licenses in the mail about two weeks later. 

I've watched a number of videos on this topic and thought Robert's was the best one for my wife.  I'm a Veteran but she's new to this and Robert explains things very carefully and clearly which I think is important.  I will be directing anyone who asks how to obtain an Oregon CHL to this site.  Thanks again Robert." 

     US-FTA - Terry, thank you for your kind words.  We appreciate your business.

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