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​​​Q.  If I am an out-of-state resident of Oregon, can I get a Oregon Concealed Handgun License?

A.  Yes, if you are a resident from a state that borders Oregon, namely, Washington State, Idaho, California, and Nevada.  If you are not a resident of one of the states that border Oregon, Oregon will not issue to you an Oregon Concealed Handgun License. 

After obtaining your "Oregon Concealed Handgun License Certificate" that we offer on-line, you will need to take the Certificate and apply at an County Sheriff's Office in Oregon.  Appointments are a must.  For a list of Oregon County Sheriff Offices,click here.  

Although Oregon is a "Shall Issue State," in some cases it can be difficult to get a non-resident Oregon Concealed  Handgun License.  Non-residents of Oregon can apply at any Oregon County Sheriff Office.  Please do your research as to which County in Oregon you wish to apply at, to obtain your Oregon Concealed Handgun License.  Call them and inquire if they will issue to you, an out of state resident, an Oregon Concealed Handgun License.  Not all County Sheriff offices in Oregon will issue an Oregon Concealed Handgun License to out of state residents, but most will.

Oregon does not recognize any other states Concealed Handgun License/Permits.  If you want to carry a Handgun Concealed in Oregon, you will need an Oregon Concealed Handgun License.

Q. If I purchase your "Oregon Concealed Handgun License Certificate" On-Line, how long before it is emailed to my email address? 

A.   If you passed the Handgun Safety Knowledge Test (test, click here) with a score of 80% or better, the "Oregon Concealed Handgun License Certificate" along with complete step-by-step Instructions for you to obtain your Oregon Concealed Handgun License from your Oregon County Sheriff, will be sent directly to your email address by the end of the same day you place your order.  Your order must be placed before 6:00 pm Pacific Time or it will be emailed the next day.  We need time to grade your test (you need 80% correct answers to pass the test),  (for test answers, click hereand we need time to imprint your name on the Certificate before emailing it to you.   

Q.   Do you offer classroom courses?

A.    We do not offer classroom courses at this time.

Q.  Do I need to own a Handgun before I can obtain a Oregon Concealed Handgun License?

A.  You do not need to own a Handgun before obtaining an Oregon Concealed Handgun License.  If you do not yet own a Handgun, and because you will transporting your firearm, it recommended that you obtain your Oregon Concealed License before you purchase a Handgun.

Q.  If I have a Concealed Handgun in my vehicle (glove box/console, etc.) and I have an Oregon Concealed Handgun License, do any of my vehicle passengers need to have an Oregon Concealed Handgun License?

A.    It is recommended that if you keep a Concealed Handgun within reach of any passengers in your vehicle,  (glove box/console, etc.), your passenger should have an Oregon Concealed Handgun License, otherwise, put the Handgun so that any passengers in your vehicle cannot obtain it.  Remember, keep any firearms you may have in your vehicle concealed.  NOTE: Never leave a minor alone in your vehicle if you have a Concealed Handgun in that vehicle.   

Q.  Do I need to fire (live shoot) a handgun before I can obtain my Oregon Concealed Handgun License?

A.  At this time there are no Oregon Requirements that you must "shoot" a firearm before obtaining your Oregon  Concealed Handgun License.  This is subject to change as Laws can and do change.   


Q. Can I take the Oregon Concealed Handgun License Training Course on-line?

A.   At this time the answers is Yes.  Our FREE On-Line website course and our FREE on-line Test, meets the requirements for the State of Oregon for you to obtain your Oregon Concealed Handgun License  



Q.  What Credit Cards do you accept for payment? 

A.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.  

​​NOTE:  US Firearms Training Association LLC does not share your information. We do not give it away, sell it, lease it, or share it with anyone else.  You can be assured your private information submitted to us remains private.  Credit Card processing is done through a secure business that processes your credit card information, we pay a fee for this service.  We never see your credit card account numbers and other information.

Q.  Is your website shopping cart secure?

A.  Yes.  For our website shopping cart security  SSL Certificate information, click here.